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How to change tips of Woodburning Pen ?

5858 Published by Dorisahot 10 15,2018

How to change tips of Woodburning Pen ?

How to change tips of  Woodburning Pen

Woodburning Pen  , Woodburning Pen, which looks very much like a small soldering iron. The ideal woodburning pen for beginners, intermediate and advanced users as a first woodburning pen tool or a backup spare for inscribing and creative drawing on wood, leather and cork.

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Please see our advantages of A-HOT Woodburning pen Tool below:


●     Electric Woodburning Pen maintains heated temperature for smooth, consistent burning and soldering.
●     High quality of Woodburning Pen Tool of mini iron consists of 9 wood burning tips, an embossing tip, a hot knife, and a stand.
●     Woodburning Pen is a good ideal for wood burning, hobbies and crafts.
●     Woodburning Pen Soldering has a triangular section handle which makes it comfortable to grip and therefore easy to control.

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Descriptions of Soldering Gun Hot Knife: 

●      Colors: Blue/ Red
●      Material: Brass, Plastic and Steel
●      Volt: 230V
●      Watt: 30W
●      Plug Type: H03VVH2-F2x0.5mm with Schuko plug
●      Packing: Clamshell Blister with Woodburning Pen Packaging Card
●      Operated Type: Electric Powered

How to change Woodburing Pen tips?

It's very easy!

1: To change A-Hot Woodburning pen tips, allow the woodburning pen tool to cool naturally on the leather woodburning pen safety stand.

2: Only change tip of safety woodburning pen when the tip of woodburning pen kit is cooled. 
3: Tips of soldering woodburning pen are made of brass.
4: Changing cork woodburning pen tips while the tip is hot will easily damage the screw-threads of both the tip and inside the tool, and in some cases break the tip of woodburning pen.  
5: Use pliers to unscrew the drawing woodburning pen tip in an anti-clockwise direction.
6: Choose another tip of craft woodbruning pen for your pattern.
7: Use pliers to screw the new tip onto the woodburning pen set tool in a clockwise direction.
8: Ensure soldering woodburning pen tip is in perfect vertical direction and in-line with the screw-threads.  If the screw is slanted or the screw is not in-line with the screw-threads, forcing the tip into the tool will damage the A-Hot Woodburning pen screw-threads of both the woodburning pen hand tip and the tool, making the tool impossible to fit any tips.
*** Never use excessive force when screwing the tip onto the woodburning pen craft tool. Otherwise the tip may get stuck in the woodburning pen tool after use because of the natural physical characteristics of brass. ***

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***Notes on Woodburning Tips ***

1. Different Electric Woodburning Pen tips can provide different styles.
2. When woodburning, never use pressure or force on the woodburning pen tip as this will cause the tip to bend.  
3. Always let the heated tip of pyrography tool woodburning pen do the work.
For some woodburning pen pyrography larger tips, after continuous burning on the work surface, tip temperature may lower and need to regain heat for better woodburning performance.  

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