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What Is Soldering Iron Hot Bolwer?

2736 Published by Jessicaahot 10 29,2018

What Is Soldering Iron Hot Blower?

Before we introduce our Blower Heat PT-160 details, we would like to introduce what is Soldering Iron?

Soldering Iron is kind of embossing heat tool for crafting and industry. Soldering Iron Blower Heat PT-160 with cordless features cans refilling the butane it can use in anywhere! The Hot Blower can DIY equipment for heating shrinking film, Heating labels and other purpose. It is most often used for installation, repairs, and limited production work in electronics assembly.

Blow Heat Taiwan Pencil

Blower Heat PT-160 Applications:

General Heating and Drying                 

Heat shrink tubing and sleeves

Activate adhesives and potting compounds      
Stretch Vinyls                            

Thawing Frozen Locks                    

And Blower Heat PT-160 with the Auto Ignition Function, adjustable the gas.

Blow Heat Maker

Also the Blower Heat PT-160 with cordless function.

Blow Heat Pen

It can refilling the gas, use Blower Heat anywhere!

Blow Heat Taiwan Soldering Seller PT-160 Black

See PT-160 more features:

Place of Origin: Taiwan
Brand Name: A-HOT
Model Number: Blower Heat PT-160
Input Voltage: Butane Gas
Output Temperature: 200~400 Degrees
Temperature Stability: Best
Size: 14.0 cm x 3.5 cm x 3.0 cm
Certification: CE
Operating Time: 20 Minutes
Gas Container Capacity:  6 ml
Weight: 50 g

Blower Heat Soldering

Know more about Blower Heat PT-160 details.
Please see A-HOT product description:


A-HOT Soldering Pencil

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