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How to fix wood scratches?

1721 Published by Dorisahot 09 12,2018

How to fix wood scratches?

Have you accidentally made scratches on the wood before, but don't know how to fix it?

Don't worry! A-HOT Wood Repair Wax Kit will help you to fix this problem!
 Wood Repair Wax Kit

First, what is Wood Repair Wax Kit?

Wood Repair Wax Kit is a DIY craft tool for repairing wooden floor and furniture by using 3AA batteries.

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Wood Repair Wax Kit Maker

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Wood Repair Wax Kit Distributor

Features in A-HOT Wood Repair Wax Kit:

●      Wood Repair Wax Kit can be used in repairing the surface of the wood products, dents, scratches and corners.

●      You can use the various color waxes in the package to adjust the color that suits your floor color.

●      The waxes have no odor, it’s very safety and can be dried quickly.

●      The power of A-HOT Wood Repair Wax Kit use battery to make the size small. in small size, that is portable and lightweight.

●      Wood Repair Wax Kit can be reused to save unnecessary expenses.

Wood Repair Wax Kit Producer 

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Wood Repair Wax Kit Manufacturer

Wood Repair Wax Kit Descriptions:

●      Colors: Black, Blue
●      Size: 17 cm * 2.5 cm * 2 cm
●      Volt: 4.5V
●      Watt: 6W

Wood Repair Wax Kit Supplier

Package Type of A-HOT Wood Repair Wax Kit Floor Fixing contains:

●      Wood repair wax kit pen *1
●      Waxes *6 in different colors (Brick red, brown, dark brown, hardwood, ceramic yellow, beige)
●      Wood repair wax kit scraper *1
●      Replacer of wood repair wax kit pen head *1
●      Wood repair wax kit blister card packing

 Wood Repair Wax Kit Exporter

How to use Wood Repair Wax Kit?

Only needs five steps!

Step 1: Warming up the Wood Repair Wax Kit Furniture Fixing for 30~40 seconds.

Step 2: Digging a proper amount of color blocks (also can be color) after preheating Wood Repair Wax Kit.

Step 3: You can use the wax to repair the surface of wood dents, scratches and corners.

Step 4: Waiting for the wax hardening.

Step 5: Using the scraper to flatten the wooden surface after hardening.


Does wood repair wax kit battery craft tool sounds like a product that is very useful and high quality products?

You can buy Wood Repair Wax Kit in our website, please see the link below:



Buy it! You will glad you did!

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