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What’s Battery Engraver ?

1838 Published by Dorisahot 09 19,2018

What’s Battery Engraver ?

Battery Engraver is a hand craft tool to craving, polish, lettering on variety on materials.

You can use our A-HOT battery engraver pen to engraver patterns, images and words on jewelry, stone, wood, plastic and glass.

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The advantage of electric powered battery engraver is our rotary battery engraver tool is a cordless battery powered crave tool. No more electric sockets, you just need to put 2 of AA batteries (not include), then you can start create you own design!

Isn’t  this battery engraver a very portable and super handy DIY craft tool?


Features in A-HOT battery engraver rotary:


●     Battery Engraver can be used in craving on the glass.

●     A-HOT Battery Engraver Powered can be used in polish on the plastic.

●     Battery Engraver Cordless can be used in lettering on jade.

●     Electric Battery Engraver Pen can be used in lettering on jade.

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Battery Engraver Descriptions:

●      Colors: White/ Blue

●      Collet Capacity: 2.33mm

●      Volt: 3V

●      Watt: 3.5W

 Battery Engraver Maker

How to operate battery engraver rotary tool?

The operation of battery engraver pen is very simple!

Just needed to install the batteries into electric battery engraver and turn on the battery engraver “ON”swith , you can stat using battery engraver portable to curve!



***More details in operation the battery engraver, please see below: ***


Step 1: Use clamps or other practical ways to secure the workpiece to a stable benchtop or platform.

Step 2: Rotate the battery cover open at the end of battery engraver rotary pen.

Step 3: Place 2 x 1.5V AA batteries into battery engraver and screw the battery cover back on.

Step 4: Be sure to rotate the end battery cover to pass the “I” mark to ensure battery engraver powered rotary tool is in ON mode.  

Step 5: To insert battery engraver tip, first press Shaft Lock Button and rotate the Collet Nut by hand until the lock engages the shaft preventing rotation. Insert the desired tip of battery engraver.

Step 6: While still pressing the Shaft Lock Button, reverse rotate the Collet Nut into secure position.

Step 7: Press the Work Button and battery engraver will start working.

Step 8: Release the Work Button and battery engraver will stop.

Step 9: Do not force battery engraver. Always choose the correct tool for your application. The correct tool will be safer at the rotating speed that battery engraver is designed for.

Step 10: When changing accessories, always rotate the end battery cover to pass the “0” mark to ensure battery engraver is in OFF mode.

Step 11: After use battery engraver done, always rotate the end battery cover to pass the “0” mark to ensure battery engraver is in OFF mode before storing away, out of reach of children.

You can buy Battery Engraver in our website, please see the link below:

Buy it! You will glad you did!

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