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Using weed burning torch to remove weeds

1983 Published by Melissaahot 10 04,2018

Using weed burning torch to remove weeds


This weed burning torch can be used to burn weeds, melt snow, remove paint, thaw pipes, heat roofing materials, barbecue, and preheat metals for welding and soldering.

Weed Burning Torch


The weed burning torch is an easy way of weeding without applying harmful herbicides, and good for homeowner, craftsman, and professional contractor because of its multi-functional.

Weed Burning Torch Maker 

The weed burning torch’s flame is created by gas, and the temperature can over 1,000 degrees. The weed burning torch connect to Bayonet butane gas cylinder and connect to the gas bottle. Turn on the torch and walk slowly to remove the weeds. This is simple to keep the weed burning torch head a few centimeters above the weed and heat only a few seconds. Due to this short-time heating, it caused weeds dry out and die. But never burn poisonous plants and use near materials such as plastic or wood edging, or the smoke may cause serious allergic reactions.

Weed Burning Torch operation 

Weed burning torch is an eco-friendly and more effective alternative to herbicides and manual removal. Not only it is safe for people, but also it protects the environment from chemical residue and groundwater contamination.



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