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Metal Hand Warmer Provide Up To 12 Hours Of Steady Heat

2486 Published by Ritaahot 09 25,2018

Metal Hand Warmer Provide Up To 12 Hours Of Steady Heat

Metal hand warmers works with premium lighter fluid and it will generate more than 10 times the amount of heat provided by other traditional warmers. One fill can last up to 12 hours and this means quite a lot of heat for your needs in freezing weather. 

Metal Hand Warmer

This metal hand warmer comes with a safe architecture, as there is little chance of objects catching fire around it.

This energy-gadget comes with a rounded and flat design that's easy to carry with you without any discomfort, while the low-odor operation makes it suitable for fishing and hunting trips as well. Taking into account the minute amount of lighter fluid that's needed for a complete fill and the operating time, we could say that we're dealing with one of the most efficient Metal hand warmers to date.

Metal hand Warmer

How warm does it get? Well, if you have ever used one of those disposable metal hand warmer packets — the ones that heat up when exposed to air — it gets a bit more than twice as warm as they do. The metal won't be hot enough to scorch you, but it can be a bit less than comfortable when it touches bare skin. That's why you use the pouch. Through that layer of cloth, you could hold a metal hand warmer for hours on end without issue.

Metal hand warmers   are great stocking stuffers, groomsman gifts, or just a little something to which you treat yourself.

Metal hand Warmer

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