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What is the advantage of trigger start torch?

2204 Published by Melissaahot 09 27,2018

What is the advantage of trigger start torch?

Trigger start torch is easy to install and use, and the silver swirl combustion tip resists flame blowout and reduces brazing time by 30%. The default connection is CGA600, MAPP, and Propane (not for acetylene), it is popular in the world. Trigger start torch has an auto-ignition button for simple one-handed operation, and its trigger lock is for continuous flame and safety purposes. Trigger start torch’s quality is very stable, and the rugged brass and stainless steel construction can be durability and longer product life.

Trigger Start Torch Factory

Trigger start torch is a multi-functional tool, and it is widely used in braze welding field, heating, removing tile, automotive repairs, crafts and hobbies, other plumbing repairs, bending PVC pipe, thawing frozen pipes, sweat fitting joints, removing putty and caulking.

Trigger Start Torch Fire

Features of the trigger start torch:

  1. Burner Tube φ12.8
  2. With the efficient auto ignition
  3. Swirl Flame Device
  4. High welding temperature up to 1300°C
  5. Tip material: Brass and Stainless Steel
  6. The tip can swivel 360° for various jobs
  7. Shorter welding time and less gas consumption
  8. Multiple locking designs for safer and more reliable use
  9. Invertible 360° Use
  10. The main parts are made of Brass
  11. Durable and long service life
  12. With CE Certificate

Trigger Start Torch Distributor

This trigger start torch can handle industrial applications, and its higher heat levels and in a short amount of time enable the expert and homeowner to quickly complete the job.

Trigger Start Torch

You can see our trigger start torch for more product details in the following link:

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