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How To Use Leather Pyrography Pen?

3672 Published by Dorisahot 11 02,2018

How to use Leather Pyrography Pen ?

how to use leather pyrography pen

Leather Pyrography Pen , Using Leather Pyrography Pen is perfect for Leather and Wood Pyrography. Leather Pyrography Pen is a good soldering iron to field service repair on small parts and components. Also great working at light duty jobs such as servo leads or fine motor wires.

Leather Pyrography Pen Maker

Please see our advantages of A-HOT Electric Leather Pyrography Pen below:

●     Leather Pyrography Pen lightweight and completely portable.
●     A-HOT Leather Pyrography Pen can provide approximately 40 minutes of continuous use.
●     Soldering Iron Leather Pyrography Pen can fast start-up.
●     Best Leather Pyrography Pen has dual function in soldering iron and wood burning pen.
●     Cordless Leather Pyrography Pen is a perfect hand tool for field service and repair work in soldering & de-soldering micro to medium sized parts.
●     A-HOT Battery-Powered Soldering Iron’s cordless design makes this iron very handy to use virtually anywhere.

●     Strongly recommended Leather Pyrography Pen for hobby handicrafts such as stationary models

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Descriptions of Leather Pyrography Pen: 

●      Colors: Blue, Black
●      Volt: 4.5V
●      Watt: 6W
●      Certifications: CE, ROHS APPROVED
●      Operated Type: Battery Powered

Leather Pyrography Pen Supplier

How to use Leather Pyrography Pen?

It's very easy to operate A-HOT Leather Pyrography Pen.
Please see following few steps of  Leather Pyrography Pen below:

Insert the Leather Pyrography Pen soldering tip into the top of hole.

Turn Leather Pyrography Pen’s tip into hole and screw it tightly on the unit. Be sure to secure the Leather Pyrography Pen tip tightly.

***Note: Attach the soldering tip while it is cold.***


Slide down the power button to the OFF position.

Remove Leather Pyrography Pen cap of battery on the bottom.

Check the polarity and insert the batteries in the proper orientation.


Turn the power switch ON. The Leather Pyrography Pen tip will heat up to be soldered after 50 seconds.

After soldering, be sure to turn the power switch OFF and attach the protective cap to the unit Leather Pyrography Pen.

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Please see our Best Leather Pyrography Pen for more product details :

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