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What is the advantage of butane blow torch?

3367 Published by Melissaahot 11 01,2018

What is the advantage of butane blow torch?

      Many people use handheld butane blow torch for cooking, Catering-Flaming, stripping paint, craftwork and thawing frozen water pipes. The butane blow torch uses pressurized fuel gas like butane and relies on the oxygen in the air to keep the flame.

 Butane Blow Torch


The butane blow torch can be useful in the kitchen. The most common situation in cook fires the butane blow torch up to caramelize sugar on creme brulee, brown the top of the meringue, roast vegetables and melt cheese or chocolate.

Butane Blow Torch Factory


Features of the butane blow torch:

*Burner Tube Ø 22mm

*High welding temperature up to 1000°C

*Shorter welding time and less gas consumption

*The main parts are made of Aluminum and Brass

*Durable and long service life

*With CE Certificate

*Connect to Bayonet Butane gas cylinder

 Butane Blow Torch Maker


 The butane blow torch can handle outdoor and kitchen applications. This must be a multi-functional tool for everyone to own.


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